KICKR Climb or Rocker?

Does anyone use a KICK Climb with TrainerRoad? I’m just curious how it is and if it’s worth it? Or how about a rocker plate?

@mcneese.chad can definitely provide some insight on rocker plates.

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I use the Climb in locked mode on TR and adjust on the fly depending on the effort and how I’m feeling. It’s actually great for that. I tend to raise it up a little for an extended interval where Chad tells you to slow your cadence “as if you’re on a steep climb”. TR does work in auto-mode with the climb, but I personally don’t see a lot of value with auto-adjustments when doing structured interval training. On the other side of the coin, the Climb is fantastic on Zwift, FulGaz, etc in auto mode. Brings a new level of immersion, some added realism, and actually has some ergonomic benefit as the grade simulations encourage you to change your position in the saddle more often, helping to alleviate some fatigue. Very happy I have the Climb in the pain cave!

After adding a rocker plate to my setup (kickr), I would have a hard time going back to a rigid trainer. (I maybe should try that just to see what it’s like…) Since the kickr has such good support it makes it easier to make a rocker than other trainers that may need more support.
I did something really simple, took me 2-3 hours total I think. This was spread over two sessions, as after a few weeks I had to make some adjustments to the design. Some people are doing really nice builds, with bearings and steel shafts, but I think you can get a nice benefit with something much simpler. Mine is essentially a piece of plywood that’s big enough for the kickr, with a 2x4 as the pivot, and sections of pool noodles as the springs. I did this with the intent to determine if a rocker plate was worth it (I really think it is), thinking I would then do something nicer. I’m happy enough with my initial quick and dirty one I’m not going to make another one - I just need to paint this one. I’m using mine on a concrete floor, which does simplify things, but I could use mine on any surface by just using another piece of plywood beneath it. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of mine, but I always forget when I have it apart.
If you’re handy you can make a worthwhile rocker plate for less than $20.


Waiting to see TR make a video showing how to use the Climb, before I order one. The idea of low cadence drills are appealing at an angle.

Just think @Nate_Pearson has to get his creative juices going on how to make it automatic!

It is automatic. Check this out.



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I just got a Climb and have done 3 Zwift rides with it. I have not done a TR workout with it yet. Based on the description of how it is programmed, I suspect I won’t like the pitch control via power. It seems an odd connection to me, but I want to try it before I make a final call.

So, baring an epiphany in my first workout, I don’t think the Climb and TR make much sense together. I do like the idea that I can manually adjust pitch to mix up a workout. But I don’t think that is enough justification to get the Climb.

It makes perfect sense if you plan to use Zwift or another simulator with pitch control that matches the “road”. In my short time in Zwift, it has proven to be a fun accessory. I actually like getting into the drops on descents and pushing like you would outside. The constant variation is quite fun too.

As some may already know, I am one of the leading proponents of rocker plates. I made my first one around 3 years ago and have used one version or another since then. Long story behind it for those that want to learn. I may make a history post at some point.

When it comes to possibly picking a Wahoo Climb vs a Rocker Plate, here my quick thought (stolen from a FB post)

A Rocker Plate is active 100% of the time on the trainer. It adds comfort and more realistic motion the entire use of the bike. The payback is constant and rewarding the whole time.

The Climb moves, but only when on transitions between grades. Highly dependent on the particular course.

Having both is ideal and I am starting to see just how fun they are together. I have a few rides on my rocker and Climb setup and it is very fun.

But if I had to choose just one, the rocker plate wins by a landslide.

I’m happy to expand more for those that want. I will probably make a rocker plate post for a place to discuss them more.

Here is the new post:


I’d love to see that post Chad

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Here is the starter page:

Pop in and see what I have so far. Happy to answer questions and I will be adding more info in the next month.

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I’d love a summary of what you have learned building and a recommendation for how to build one based on those lessons learned

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There is a PDF drawing to download and video describing how to build my Rockit Launcher design in the Rocker Plates for Trainers post.

I will work on a “lesson’s learned” addition at some point.

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Would be nice for it to randomise 2-5% on longer steady efforts like 30min SST or for Z2 particularly when using the TT bike.

I agree, something with variability would be nice. But estimating the number of riders that will even get a Climb, and the relative training impact (probably little), I can’t see them working to program that right now with the likely further reaching changes they have on the existing lists.

Agreed, the need to run Zwift to be able to take real advantage of a Climb with the TT bike is the only reason I don’t yet own one. Add a button next to the Trainer ERG/Spindown buttons to select climb control based on say Auto, Manual and the existing FTP% setting and I’d order one tomorrow to take some of the pressure off the undercarriage on the long efforts.


With something simple like this as an automatic recurring gradient loop.

At present I just do them outside with the AirHub because I can spend an hour+ in the TT position without the saddle discomfort I find creeping in indoors at the 15+min mark.

Thank you!!!

For non-Facebookers like myself, the YouTube video has some links including the drawing PDF:

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Here is a link to the most updated file, in a neutral location.
Rockit Launcher (3-Hinge Update)

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Thank you, much appreciated!


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I’d agree with @mcneese.chad - the Climb solely for TR doesn’t make sense. What it was really intended for and where it shines is simulated rides on Zwift or FulGaz and the like. It’s super fun for that. As far as TR is concerned, I’ve found the ability to adjust bike height on the fly as a very nice bonus, but it’s not the central reason I went for the Climb. For structured intervals, not sure what the benefit is of automatically raising and lowering the bike based on %FTP. That’s why I keep it in manual mode in TR and raise and lower as I wish. I train for hillclimbs, so outside of TR for, let’s say, Alpe du Zwift or the new UCI Innsbruck course or any simulated ride, really, the Climb is a terrific bit of kit. Should make New England winters a little more bearable!

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After an hour in position on the TT bike the pressure changes the climb could offer through small adjustments to the bike angle would be very welcome for those of ur with 0 interest in Zwift and its ego stroking weight doping crap.