Key / tutorial for TR

Is there a tutorial key for the definition of the acronyms , like TSS, IF, the trophy you see for PRs-that I still don’t fully get the picture. Etc. basically a TR tutorial.


Kinda but not really but they said some day.

I looked at the definitions in training peaks , but when I go to look at my TR ride data post workout , I still can’t easily decipher the trophy, what the graph is relaxing what other rides is it pulling from to display 1 min, 2 min 5 min power bests etc, the red line vs the newest to oldest blue lines that are higher up in watts etc. that graph could use a explanation of the data . A key would be awesome.

Thanks Chad, my point is (also) does TR adjust IF if you lower intensity by selecting it during a ride? What data is it pulling from for the PR section displayed when you get a trophy- only TR rides or rides with actual power meters-no virtual stuff from Strava etc.

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I realized I missed your question, and deleted that post.

The Trophy shows Personal Records were hit. Unfortunately, there isn’t great visibility or a simple way to find the specific ones. We have an open Feature Request to address this, and here is my more detailed post on the topic.

For now, you have to scroll across the display and look for the points where the Red matches (and essentially exceed the prior record(s).

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