Associating TR workouts with races

i like to associate each ride/ race with a TR workout. where should i place this one? its likely a threshold/ vo2 max effort but i not a strict structured one. is there a random workout to at least get some PL credit?

Nice effort!

A race isn’t a workout, however. If you could assign it a PL, then any progression from there would mean your training would have to be harder than this race effort. That’s not what you want, I assure you!

Let a race be a race, don’t worry about its PL. Even with PL v2 it sounds like this will be categorized as a “hero effort” that doesn’t change your PLs.

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i guess that makes sense, although it will get factored into any AI FTP estimation. also if the race represents my Vo2 max/ anerobic work for a number of days, it should in theory count for something. this has been race number 5 since the start of march. i think i’ll try to find something which just reflects the nature of the race effort even if its a lot lower on tss/IF/ PL. i understand that PL’s are merely benchmarks for efforts in different zones. i do agree that a race lacks little structure and is hard to assign structure to it

I like to pair them too, but I always have doubts if I’m messing up the training by doing so.

Can I ask what do you do when instead of doing a programmed workout (let’s say a sweet spot like Antelope), you do a 3 hour MTB/road ride with similar efforts? How do you measure it? Looking for a similar training to match it?

i often do train to specific TR workouts, but rarely have the workout on my head unit. i do target power and duration, but i’m kind to myself in terms of when i start/ end efforts. i certainly target the training intent rather than chasing the last 0.1%
this was pendelton a few weeks ago, done freestyle (inc a ferry crossing) 7 x 20 ss i think