Keto and bikepacking

Do you still get the benefits from a Keto diet if you are fat adapted when bike packing. i.e. you have limited choice and availability of food and need to just eat what is to hand. Does the effect of eating non keto food void the benefits to the point that its not worth it?

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I was wondering more if there was still the benefits from the Keto diet, the fat burning side, even when not eating keto on the road

As a Low Carb Veteran and now doing what is called Maintenance, I can only say the following…

Is you Goal to Lose Weight while Bike Packing?

Yes? Why not just Fast then? Use you own Fat for Energy!

No? Eat whatever you want and get back to the Keto Lifestyle when done with your Trip!

Live Life instead of fretting about it!

The idea of the keto was be fat adapted and be able to burn fat better during the event but not sure if as soon as you start eating any non keto during the event the benefits go.

I’ve done 102 mile Ride (race) 100% Fasted on my own Body Fat

I’ve climbed over 1,600 meters in a day on my own Body Fat Fasted!

The point is your End Goal… Mine was to see if Fat could be used successfully for such Endurance Rides…

Yes… Yes Fat works… but Power? that was down 20-30 watts… was still faster as I was Leaner!

That was my 2018 Season a Hard Core Keto Follower

2019 was even better as I now Cheat with Sugar when on these Rides!

This about YOUR Goals!

Mine in 2018… Be True to the calling of Keto!
In 2019… Be true to myself and know Muscles fire better on Glucose!

I’m a Happy Low Carb follower Off the bike and I sneak Gel packs when on the Bike!

It’s called Maintenance for a reason!

Identify your own Goal!


I’ve had good experiences with Keto. I went from super morbidly obese and close to 500lbs to losing half my bodyweight and then some. I dropped 170lbs in 12 months eating a lot of gas station hot dogs without the buns, cheese sticks, pork rinds, lots of crappy food you’d be able to find on a bike packing trip. It’s absolutely doable.

Are you keto now and looking to keep it going?


It’s not for weight lose but to try and and be better at managing the ride. The event will be 8ish days. I am not keto yet, the event is in July.

Just wondering if it’s worth the effort when realistically I won’t be able to be keto on the actual event. Will the fat adaption still be beneficial?

For an 8 day event I don’t think I’d transition to keto. Seems easy enough to fuel on a bike packing trip versus going keto for something like an ultra marathon.

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For the life of me, I don’t understand these fad diets, especially for endurance athletes.

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Neither do I and at this point, I’ve pretty much given up arguing on this topic.

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Yes, it is possible to eat Keto while Bikepacking. The main question is, will the ride and your companions allow you too? You’ll preform very well in the aerobic zone. Hammering and fast climbs, not so much.

Finding food is easy. But, is Keto food going to meet the demands being placed on you?

It wasn’t about keeping up the keto diet but whether the benefits of the fat burning and lack of sugar spike would continue whilst bikepacking when eating any old crap I can find en route.

Congrats on your weight loss and life change. That is huge and not an easy feat.
I am curious - have you had your cholesterol numbers looked at while eating such high fat, processed junk?

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I have. I was super concerned about what long term damage I’d done. Before I started Keto I consulted with my GP and had labs done after too. A1C, LDL/HDL, everything improved and was in good or excellent ranges.

I mean, I didn’t think it would get any worse, I mean how do you think I got to 500lbs in the first place? Haha I was already eating junk.

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Well played! That’s great. I am a T2 diabetic and tried keto - had no trouble at all following it but my cholesterol that was previously good went sky high. Once off it went back to where it was before and even improved a touch so was asking out of curiosity. Do you still follow the same diet and food choices?

I went off Keto, didn’t have the energy to keep on the bike for races. Trying to dial in a high carb diet and keep my weight in control now.