Journey from 0km to 300km - Today is my first ramp test

Today I will do my first ever FTP ramp test. I must admit. I’m nervous.
The Spotfy playlist for today is ready (got some Iron Maiden, some Fat boy Slim and some Mötley Crüe in there).

Today is also the first day of my training regime to be able to go 300km at Vätternrundan 2023. Yea. It’s over a year away, you might think I am crazy starting to plan for it already now, and you would be right. I am crazy.
I’ve got about 60 weeks to get ready. Plenty of time. That is basically divided into three big blocks;

  1. Get body back into shape - Not as important to make training gains, here focus is to get back to match-weight and to get basic cardio back. (15 weeks)
  2. Foundation - Build the basic cycling foundation. Increase training volume, figure out what my goal time should be, start building. (30 weeks)
  3. Race prep - Start preparing for the actual race. (15 weeks)

I used to be a runner. Way back, 10 years ago or so, then I broke my knee, the kids came along, and I was diagnosed with a chronic illness (where the medication, by the way, is pretty horrid). So, since I cannot run anymore, and since I am awfully out of shape, I’ve decided to become a cyclist. Wish me luck!


If you have 12 rides with power in your calendar you could always use AI FTP Detection instead. Good luck!

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Love the way you split this up! I’m a year into cycling today after a knee injury pushed me out of running. It’s been a great transition. Wishing you luck and all the best in your prep!