Its that time of the year again

So i just finished up the year with all my races. I have been doing active recovery rides and fun XC rides. I opted to use the new plan builder and Im starting on on Short build. I thought I might incorporate some Core and Strength training so my upper body is weak and It may help with leg work!
How ever I don’t have time to do two work outs a day. One in the morning and one at night to accomplish this. Theres a few threads on here about this and Chad has described doing the work out on the same day and to the lines of avoiding these strength work outs on recovery days. The upperBody and core work outs I think i can get away with on recovery days seeing there’s no conflict, and really that’s important to me. I believe that building the core and upper body will help with some balance issues and bike handling The leg work outs are to aid in the interval work outs and help increase my FTP and condition my legs.
Im sure there are others out there in this same boat and may have experience with this and may shine some light on how to accomplish this. any tips on how i should approach this?

Also side note. I take BCAA power with some stastained protein powered. I notice that when i do this i recover faster. If i were to do two work outs a day one morning and one afternoon when would be the best time to take them? Or do i take them after each work out slips them up? or wait until both work outs are done? not looking to over do it seeing they come at a cost but also looking for the gains.

I incorporate strength and conditioning into my training, which includes leg work twice a week and on one of those days it’s a double workout which includes the bike and the other is a day off from the bike and it’s been fine. Any upper body work doesn’t affect my cycle training anyway and once my body got used to leg work it doesn’t get in the way of cycle training either. When I train legs I’m not training to failure, but I am applying progressive steps and trying to lift more weight and adding reps.

So it can be done, you just need to find what works for you.

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Thanks, I have for now follows

Monday: Yoga, TR Mix of upper body and leg
Tuesday: Yoga, Back and Core (Free XC Ride if possible)
Wednesday: Yoga, TR and Mix of upper body and leg
Thursday: Yoga, Upper Body (Free XC Ride if possible)
Friday: Yoga and TR
Saturday: Yoga, Mix of upper body and leg and Run
Sunday: Yoga and REST

Im not sure if its too much but I feel like my Core is weak which is causing some balance issues on the bike. Im hoping that I can trim the schedule down by the summer seeing that the busiest for me at work and be a lot fitter where I can condense most of this to one or two days a week. The Yoga is in there to help with tension and my mental health… been doing that off and on for the better part of 15 years and feel that it works well with the stationary bike.
I have also changed my diet, cutting a lot of fats out it. my weakness is chicken wings… maybe every once in a while Ill have them. I usually done eat meat if there is a vegitarian or vegan option on a menu or if i have a say in what the meal is going to be at home. I love chicken or beef but know that there are health concerns with them.