Issue with workout view in dark mode

I recently set my laptop to dark mode to reduce eye strain since I’m working from home a whole lot more than I used to, but I’ve come across an issue - when I’m in the calendar view on the desktop site and open a workout to see what’s in store, I can’t see the interval information when I hover my cursor over the intervals - it’s like light grey text in a light grey box. Here’s a screenshot. Hopefully this is something that can be remedied easily.

I’m curious how you got the darkmode. It’s a built in option on the forum, but I’ve never seen it carry over to the TR product pages. I don’t think it’s a built in chrome feature either, so maybe it’s a chrome plugin/addon? In which case it’s more a bug of that addon. Possibly TR could do something, but at a minimum they’d need to know how you got this as it’s not their feature.

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As @gcarver said, TR doesn’t have a dark mode on the website so they can’t do much about this issue.

Remember that when you use those kind of programs that turn everything dark, it’s very likely that you will encounter visual glitches on different sites and they aren’t bugs or anything per se, it’s just the way those programs work.

I was under the impression that this was a consequence of dark mode in Windows 10, but I toggled it and see that it’s not - it’s a consequence of selecting a couple of dark-mode related flags in Chrome:
Force Dark Mode for Web Contents (chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark)
Web Platform Controls Dark Mode (chrome://flags/#form-controls-dark-mode)

As such, I can understand how TR doesn’t have much control over them. It would be nice if it worked, but this might be a fringe case.

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Rats, yeah as the other athletes are advising here, this is a browser/device setting, not something controllable within TrainerRoad. Doesnt mean the support team wont help you out by taking a look at your settings though!

You can email them at, or submit a request online!

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If it is the “DarkMode” plug-in for Chrome, you can right click on the “switch” in the upper right corner and click on “Options.” You can select different dark themes and a different theme may work better for you as they will color things differently.

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It’s not a plug-in like an extension, it’s a flag called Force Dark Mode for Web Contents (chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark)
When I turned it off, the calendar looks ‘normal’ again, just not dark mode. I left the other one, Web Platform Controls Dark Mode (chrome://flags/#form-controls-dark-mode), on so that when TR develops a dark mode I’ll be able to use it.
TBH, the Force Dark Mode was causing issues on a lot of other pages too it’s better left off.

Yeah, the flags stuff is mostly all experimental features and hacks/workarounds for unusual situations. If it turns into a 1st-class chrome feature it definitely would be worth pushing TR to “fix” (support), but until then :man_shrugging: Of course TR could implement a 1st-class darkmode with css themselves… that’d be hot. I did this once for myself with custom css – it worked alright, but keeping it updated is no fun.