Light mode for app & desktop? (Feature Request)

Might just be me but I’m really not on the whole dark mode train. Can I get my app and desktop program nice and light like the website, if not can we make that happen?

I just get positive vibes from a good light theme.

Apologies if I’m just missing it.

There is no switch from “dark” to “light” for the TR app. I added “Feature Request” into the title and tag so this can be reviewed by TR for consideration.

Interestingly, the forum is only in “light” mode and I wish there was “dark” option for it :stuck_out_tongue:


At the time I train in the morning, I’m glad it’s a dark theme. I run TR on a 60” screen, and the screenfull of white I get when opening a browser window is pretty rough at that time.

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I’d like the option to swap. When I use the TR app outside for doing a zero offset on my power meter, the dark theme on the phone is sometimes hard to see in bright light.

Yeah, I can definitely see benefits for both. I can’t imagine it’s too difficult to build in a toggle (He says with zero programming experience). It did take google until now to introduce a dark mode in android so what do I know.

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