Forum & Homepage Dark Mode (Feature Request)

Would it be possible to get a dark mode for the forum and my page? My eyes would thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion! Up next on our Development Roadmap is a full revamp of the applications, but we will keep this idea in mind as we complete tasks and resources free up :slight_smile:


For Chrome you can use the Dark Mode extension for now: Dark Mode - Chrome Web Store It’s not to bad.


I had the same thought – a few weeks ago, for the forum anyway. I regularly dark-mode reading websites with a chrome plugin called stylebot. With a little technical savvy and css knowledge, you can make most websites at least passably dim. If anyone actually tries it, I can share my forum css override with you.

@Bryce, now that iOS 13 is coming with dark mode on my device (at least on Safari), I think that it would be great to read the forum on a darker color.

Any update for this part of the initial request?

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It is still not a planned feature at the moment, however, if the demand continues to build we may reconsider.

For anyone interestred, feel free to throw a your “+1” in support on this thread so that we can guage interest more effectively :slight_smile: .

Thanks everyone!


Amen - dark mode please!

Yes, please!


+1, More options is usually gooder :stuck_out_tongue:

+1, yeeeaaaaaah :sunglasses:


Or add the forum to the app :nerd_face:



yeah… dark mode ftw


+1. Much better for at work browsing and is less conspicuous.




It should be the highest priority