Webpage NIGHT MODE Please!

The ridiculously bright all white background is drawing complaints from the wife and messing with my ability to fall asleep. Can we get a night (dark) mode up in here?

I’ve been using Chrome with a dark mode extension. Does the job, especially if you use the private browser tab too.


You know that not using your phone in bed at all would be even better for your sleep right? :grinning:


I’ve had a sleep study and that is what they’ve said as well. I’ve actually found that not to be true over the years as falling asleep is not my problem. Also with Apples night mode which has Blueblocker and tones down the “whites”, the sharpness is less dramatic. I now equate the IPad reading equivalent to reading a book, so I’m calling BS to that recommendation. Maybe if I was doing something stimulating (ie: gaming) I’d agree.

Maybe it’s my sensitivity to light due to chronic haeadaches and migraines that’s contributing as well. But I do really enjoy YouTubes night mode.

EDIT: Hold up! I just discovered “invert colors” in settings. Problem solved.

Is that setting in the iPad or Forum?


  1. Settings

  2. General

  3. Accessibly

  4. Display Accommodations

  5. Invert Colors

  6. Smart Invert


agree that the night shade feature on apple devices is great. that combined with brightness on the lowest level make it much more manageable. But still agree a dark mode would be fantastic. Did that in the youtube app just last night. ahhh.

Google is going to be really pushing dark mode I’m future OS updates. You are seeing it pop up in some of their apps already like YouTube. Apparently it also is less taxing on the battery.

The Discord app actually include the dark option. It was present in the forum beta, but they removed it prior to official release.

Not sure who we need to sweet talk in order to get it added back, @Bryce?

I ran this past Design and for now, Dark Mode is not on our Roadmap. While Dark mode is a default feature in Discord, it would take a considerable amount of configuration to give it the “TrainerRoad” look and feel.

We may revisit this in the future, but for now we are devoting our Design resources to other projects.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you :pensive:

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I use the chrome extension Dark Reader and forum.trainerroad.com looks great with it (and dark). I think it’s desktop only though.

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I added Flux to my laptop to dim lighting on all apps when the sun goes down

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I run the Stylus Firefox extension with the “Discourse Forum Dark” style from Stylish (userstyles.org). You just have to edit the style so it works on our site:

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