Is TR down again?

I guess today is not the day I will try an outside workout…

iOS app thinks there is no internet

Probably too much TSS for the servers. I’m going to do 40/20s and call it a day. Now that TR has heart rate I’m fine.


Hopefully is not a DoS attack or ransomware take over…

If either… Get your bit coin ready

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Technically, the error is correct.

The wording is the error… TR lost the connection to the internet, not our devices. Better wording should be used.

This is what I’m getting when I try to open the program on my windows laptop.

Windows app states something went wrong an error has occurred. Go Back.

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the website seems to be down also…

502 Bad Gateway Microsoft-Azure-Application-Gateway/v2

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I’m sittin here in my bibs feeling like i just got stood up on a hot date. I guess I’ll go ride outside like a filthy casual.


Personally, thought the app would open but just not update without a connection. Learning has taken place

Same! But everything’s up again for me!

My apps still down

Nope, fine here

Mine just started working!

Long live the hustle! Thanks for the speedy feedback.

Working now i guess…but for how long?


Something is not right. This was working prior to the two downtime occasions today and isn’t working now.

If I click on “view plan overview” I get an error and a blank page…


Oh well that was short lived. It’s down again :rofl: websites down too now.

I’ll leave my support query for a little while - I think they’re busy

Q: How on a 1.1 recovery ride rated as EASY, do you get a PL down grade of 1.7?

Works for me (UK)

Today is a recovery day for everyone


Hahaha yeah :+1:

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