Is three phase good enough for racing

Hey guys I have done all the three phases so I’m just wondering do I need road time because I’m thinking of racing is that enough

@Benlion I think you are going to get a whole lot of “it depends” answers, as race readiness is more than just a fitness question. If you are new to racing, fitness wouldn’t be my first concern.

Here is my subjective view:

  1. Are you experienced enough with outdoor and group riding? If you have never done it or do not do it well, I would recommend seasoning up in some non-race group ride environments. This a matter of safety. Find a shop ride or a social ride where you can learn the ins and outs.

  2. If you are confident and skilled in group rides - and have done some fast/drop rides - then you shouldn’t worry too much about whether you are “fast enough” to race. In the lowest categories, there is a huge spread between the front of the field and the stragglers. Get in there and see if you can hang. If you can’t, you’ll drift off the back at some point. DFL is still lapping everyone on the couch. Plus, you’ll have a sense of how much work you need to do to stay on longer in the next one.

There are various views out there (including some helpful charts) that sort of give the range of what to expect in terms of watts/kg from the various categories of racing. But local fields are…local. Depends who shows up, how old you are, what kind of racing you want to try, and so on.

Use the first one for some process goals, like getting a feel for the race environment. If you are like me (and many others, I expect) you will find that you ride harder for longer than you ever thought you could. Amazing what a little motivation can do…

Good luck!