Is this wheel upgrade something I should jump at?

I have a Trek Domane SL5 Gen 4 with the stock Bontrager Paradigm SL wheels with the larger gravelish tires. I wasn’t really looking for upgrades and God knows I’ve spent enough on bike stuff in the last year. But… I had a friend tell me he is selling his lightly used Bontrager Aeolus Elite 50 TLR for less than the half the cost of new. ($500 for the set.) Is this something I should jump at? Where am I most going to feel the return on this?

if you’re looking to upgrade your wheels, this sounds like a pretty good deal.


I think you can buy that wheelset off Bontrager site for less than that right now. But it is well worth that price in my opinion. Plus, Trek have a pretty good replacement policy.

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They list each wheel separately…looks to be $1000 for the set (in the US anyway).

For $500, I’d jump on that deal. Maybe put fatter tires on the OEM for light gravel or training rides, and something fast on the carbon set!


I would also check into the Bontrager warranty to see if it transfers. It would be a cherry on top of an already good deal.