Is this right!? Levels drop after one anaerobic workout!?


I did one 30 minute anaerobic workout (san Joaquin -5)

today and found it easy so gave that as my response. As a result my aerobic training levels and sweet spot levels took a massive hit, a whole point deducted from both!?

Unless you accepted an FTP increase at about the same time, which would explain it, that seems … odd.

I’m not sure if you can do it on Android but on the PC you can hover your mouse over the PLs to see why they changed. I am guessing your SS PL degrade/ fell because of lack of training in that zone as it looks from your screens shot all your recent workouts have been, VO2max, Anaerobic and Endurance.

Here’s the screenshot showing level drops. I did a threshold workout this week and vo2 that also boosted sweet spot, just seems like a massive drop :flushed:

Hover over the levels like the other person said. It’ll tell you why.

Levels drop over time if you don’t maintain.

It’s quite possible your other levels dropped not because you did a 30min anaerobic workout, but because you didn’t do a 90 minute sweet spot or VO2 workout.

I pulled up your career page. Levels dropped because you haven’t done workouts in those zones in a while:

They were probably scheduled to go down today already, and this workout just triggered the reevaluation.

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Thanks for taking the time to clear that up for me, I’ll have a look on this page as well. Very time crunched at the moment so I guess things may plateau for a while. Thanks again buddy :pray: