Is there a way to automatically track mileage of each bike in the quiver?

I split mileage across a road, GRoad, gravel and mountain bikes, and for maintenance purposes (and curiosity) I’d like to know total miles I’ve put on each bike.

All bikes run SRAM AXS. My Wahoo Element head unit uploads to both Strava and SRAM AXS apps. SRAM AXS automatically knows which bike I rode for any given ride based on AXS components, and how long that ride was, and while I can filter activities based on which bike was used, I see no way to view a total for each bike.

Strava has total mileage per year, and has a field for which bike I rode, but doesn’t automatically detect the bike. Manually correcting the bike field for each ride is an extra step I’d prefer to avoid.

Is there a way to get the AXS app or Wahoo to automatically tell Strava which bike was used? Or a way to get AXS to display total mileage for a bike? This seems like useful thing and all the data are there, but the apps don’t seem to talk to each other….

If Strava knows what kind of ride it is (road, gravel, mountain) from Wahoo you can set the default bike for each type of ride in Strava.

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Yeah I’ve tried that. Problem is I use a gravel bike + fenders as a winter road bike and so I haven’t figured out how to make this accurate….

and if that doesn’t work, then read to the end of that article:

Note that if you have slightly more complex gear association needs, you’d want to look at automated Strava solutions/apps ActivityFix or Strautomator, which can utilize other data bits to make more customized changes automatically.


RideWithGPS can do this if you have premium. I keep track of maintenance across my bikes. It’s also how I track how many miles I have left before a chain wax for each bike.

Edit: Oops, I see you want it to know what bike was used automatically. RWGPS doesn’t do that.

FWIW Intervals makes it easy if each bike has some specific power meter or ANT+/BLE device. For example by power meter:



Get a Garmin Connect acct. It is free and allows gear for each ride. It will sync w the stuff you already use.

I personally LOVE their display formats; charts, bars, time in HR zones, etc. It’s clean, sexy, easy on the eyes, and I can set my HR zones, etc. Great “snapshot” on the phone. As soon as I finish a WO I flip it open to look at how it went.

(I use for deeper analysis, fatigue tracking, etc, later that day / week.)

(Dbl check that you can then look at totals for each pc of gear but pretty sure you can. I don’t use that feature. )


I use a Wahoo not a Garmin currently, and even with Garmin Connect I don’t know that there’s a way to auto-detect bikes based on which ANT+ sensors they use.

My solution to this issue was (thanks @WindWarrior!) This is actually a pretty handy tool: it lets you set a series of rules to modify Strava activities based on tons of attributes, including which Ant+ sensors are used. You can easily upload past .fit files to identify and save your Ant+ sensors, then set a rule that (e.g.) if an activity used PM X, change “gear” to bike Y. Strava tracks total miles on each bike, so problem solved. Exactly what I was looking for.


I use GC for running shoes, haven’t used it for bikes yet - what’s the benefit?

Defaults are okay but when you swap bikes/shoes every workout it’s a bit of a faff.

WOW! Now THAT is impressive. Auto detecting which sensor is used? That is awesome!!

(And ya, no, I meant Connect will sync w Strava, etc. But 99% sure you still have to tell it which bike you used. Not sure.)

You tell it the sensor ID, and it changes the bike in Strava. Using a rule. Setup once, and after that it works automatically.