Is there a spider/crankset based powermeter available for a GRX RX810 2x set up? Bonus points if its on an OPEN UP frame

I recently purchased an OPEN UP with a GRX RX810 2x set up. I have a friend with a single sided stages powermeter that I put on to test to make sure that it fits, and although OPEN’s website said that it doesnt, the powermeter does indeed clear the chainstay by about 2mm. He uses it on his OPEN too.

That being said, I am a bit timid on allowing such small clearance on the crank if I will be racing off road/gravel. I am not naïve, I know what a rock will be able to do to a chainstay when push comes to shove. The bike shop manager, someone I trust very much, doesn’t believe it is an issue. Says it is a risk, sure, but not something he is concerned about.

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with a spider/crankset based power meter for the GRX RX810 2x set up? I have a DUBZero on my road bike which I love, but it wont work on this crankset since the spider is not removeable. My shop manager said that he found something on QBP that said it was compatible with the groupset, but he needs to do research because he isn’t sure if that is the case. Anyone who can point me into a solution that works would be super helpful, thank you so much!

What about the new 4iiii precision 3? A quick look suggests it is 5.5mm thick vs Stages 7.3mm

Power2max is likely an option for a spider/crankset.

There is a whole thread on GRX PM options….

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