Is there a free ride longer than 6 hours?

Hi TR Community,

is there a free ride or a workout page longer than 6 hours?

im a an endurance cyclist and have competed in a lot of multi day/ week races .e.g TRANSCONTINENTAL BIKE RACE AND INDIPAC, just to name a few.

this weekend on STRAVA, REDBULL are hosting a 24 hour +1 for the end of daylight savings here in the UK.

Red Bull Timelaps, the world’s longest one-day cycling event, by creating your team of four to see how far you can ride in 25 hours, on the weekend the clocks go back. In a twist, at 02:00 a ‘Power Hour’ is activated when the clocks go back to 01:00, and riders’ efforts are doubled.

This year we’re going virtual, giving you the chance to take on the event wherever you want, in our team 25 hour challenge, or as a Solo weekend challenge

This challenge pits teams of four against the clock to see how far they can ride in 25 hours, either indoors or outside. Only one rider is able to contribute at any time, requiring participants to show a mixture of strategy, endurance and determination. At 2am when the clocks go back, the Power Hour activates & distance counts double!

Im not able to do this challenge outside unfortunately, but would like to track on TR if possible.

thanks for your reply in advance

No but you could either try loading Free Ride 360 into WorkoutCreator and extending it, or use it in the TR app and keep adding time at the end.

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yeah adding 10 min to extend for the next 19 hours would be a little pain in the butt


Cool idea! Workout creator is limited to ~10 hours from memory, so when I did a 24hr earlier this year I just ran Bandeira multiple times. There’s several sites online that will merge them together after the fact if you want all the data in one file. Other than that, I think something like Zwift would probably be a better option.

Great idea, but I wish they had a solo category as well :smiley:

While I know this is the TR forum and you’re asking about TR capabilities, have you considered just using Zwift for this type of effort? Even if you don’t watch the screen or watch movies/shows or whatever, you can have the smart trainer running in the background.

This is what I did for my 24h ride this past summer, Just boot up Zwift and ride around till you hit your time marker.

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If you record on a head unit you can load another 6-10 hours on TR without stopping the head unit (assuming you can power it the whole time).

+1 on the Zwift recommendation. Again, highly recommend at least one other way to record - don’t want a single point of failure if you’re going to pedal for 25 hours.

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Exactly what I was thinking…just troll along Tempis Fugit to maximize your miles / watts.

How’d it go?

I think Zwift is fairly realistic. I occasionally see how much speed I can get for my watts on Z2 rides when the conditions are good i.e. smooth flat roads, warm weather, no wind, no stopping or slowing for traffic. Put some race fit clothing on and ride on the drops and I can average 20mph at <200W no problems.

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Over six hours?! image


Pain is your friend. But seriously… the more I can endure on my trainer inside (knowing that on a trainer is always worse than outside), the more confident I am I can make hours on end outside.