Is the book “Training and Racing with a power meter” worth reading?

I’m about 60 pages in and it seems like they are pumping their WKO software more than anything. I’m already using TR so I’m not sure if that is useful. Thoughts?

You have to take into account that, at the time it was written, there weren’t many other ways of analysing your power in in depth as there are now, hence the emphasis on WKO.

I got the second edition a long time ago and recently got the latest edition. I agree there is a lot more WKO focus in the latest version than the second version. I still think its worth finishing as towards the end they focus more on some case examples with training plans, workouts and progressions. There is also more discussion about power curves and less on WKO as you progress (if I recall correctly.)

After I move I’ll probably go and dig out the second edition and give it a read to see what I think of it.

Ok so it seems like the beginning is with them spamming their software or it’s antiquated. I’ll definitely check more towards the end

Wasn’t it just published last year?

Oh god no,that book was first published back in the mid 00’s.

Most of the info that is in it can now be found on the web and forums like this. I don’t see the value in paying for the book anymore…(and I certainly would not want to give Hunter Allen any of my $$).

I was wrong, the most recent edition came out in April of 2019.

While I don’t use WKO, I can kinda see where they are coming from, even if I found it a little annoying. 2nd Edition used ‘Classic Coggan’ power zones based on static percentages of FTP, for example, VO2max was 106% - 120% and there were standard interval lengths people would do. I believe what research has shown since then is that sub-threshold zones apply pretty broadly across people, but supra-threshold zones are much more variable between individuals.

The direction they started moving a couple editions ago was providing customized power zones and interval lengths for supra-threshold efforts based on your power curve. Of course, with WKO being part of their business it will generate those custom interval recommendations and they talk about it quite a bit. So it might tell you that your VO2max zone is 108-115% and you should do intervals from 2min30sec to 5min45sec in length (totally made up for this example.)

TR uses something more like classic coggan zones so some of that info isn’t directly useful unless you get WKO and start customizing your supra-threshold workouts. I wouldn’t be surprised if TR was working on something to estimate FTP based on your power curve or doing customized supra-threshold intervals / workouts, but its not out yet.

I would say it’s still worth a read. If nothing else, many answers on forums like this assume a certain understanding and fluency with what is very sport-specific jargon. How else are you going to throw around terms like “Normalized Residuals” and “you gotta feed the model, bro” if you don’t read it?! LOL. :slight_smile:

I agree with @Power13 points though. Lots of stuff we take for granted now simply didn’t exist even two years ago. Also, if you have the 2nd edition not sure there is a need to buy the 3rd edition.

I’ve always had an issue with the fact that the information they present (ground breaking when first published) is inextricably linked to TrainingPeaks software, but it is their book and they found a publisher and an audience, so that’s how it goes.

Such as?

It seems to me that the last sea-change was when WKO4 was released about 10 years ago. I can’t really think of any major innovations since.

ETA. Looks like it was released in 2015. It only seems longer because they were all talk and no action for so long!

Curious what your beef is with Allen? Just curious. Not judging.

I was wondering the same, but didn’t dare to ask :slight_smile:

HA’s “political” twitter posts may have something to do with it. Left me a little irritated as well but I’m on the other side of pond. Not my business.

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He has made a number of posts / statements over the last few months, many supporting the use of firearms when people were protesting for social justice over the summer.


Well that’s certainly an ugly look for him


If you want to further your understanding of training then the latest edition is worth reading.

Sorry for little off-topic (but about books) - if you do not want to buy them one by one, has A LOT of cycling and nutrition books in their subscription plan (whole velo press and many things more) - I am not affiliated with scribid in any way but it is worth to check it out.

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