Is resting HR the same as sleeping HR

I track my heart rate while I sleep with my Apple Watch. I can see that my HR is trending lower.

My HR is about 43bpm while sleeping.

I have been reading a little about normal HR levels and don’t believe this is a concern (please correct me if I’m wrong).

However, with everything that I have read, I can’t figure out if “resting HR” is the same as “sleeping HR”?

My resting is in the low 40’s throughout the summer when I’m awake and tends to dip to high 30s when asleep. I see a noticeable difference through the colder months as it tends to be about 10bpm higher on both counts.

Garmin tells me my resting HR is the daytime number.

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The American Heart Assoc. defines resting heart rate as your heart rate after you wake, but before you get out of bed in the morning.
I’ll second the fact that my h.r. is higher in the colder months than in summer. During summer in peak fitness I’m normally in the high 30’s first thing in the morning. My cardiologist was never concerned about it.

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