Heart Rate: Sleep vs. Resting vs. Max

I’ve been tracking my HR 24x7 over the past several years and noticed the trend, where my sleep HR crawls up as I get more tired and dips by quite a margin when I am rested.
I am just wondering what everyone’s HR figures are like.

Mine (middle of the training block):
Age: 44

  • Sleep: 54
  • Resting: 67
  • Max: 197

I can’t track sleep HR.

‘proper resting’ - recorded a low of 48, but 54 seems more usual [and what I use]
‘sitting idle’ - 58-72
Max: 179 (220-age = 166)

Haven’t done any real analysis rested vs fatigued. But I expect lower resting and idle numbers are for ‘recovered’ and higher for ‘fatigued’. [Have noticed that fatigue = “max RPE => not max HR” , 'as expected.]

Sleep - 44-47
Resting - 48-52
Max - 206

I’ve been tracking for over a year and found my sleep and resting inch up as fatigue builds while max inches down.

31 y/o
Resting:43-48 very rarely above 50
Max observed:186
Have been told I’m a freak for having a low resting HR and have been told it’s totally normal. I have no adverse side affects that I know of so I’ll just keep chilling with as few a beats per minute as I can :crazy_face:

Sleeping mid 40s
Rest low 50s
Max 185

Bicuspid aortic valve and open heart surgery to fill a hole in there at 16yrs old, doesn’t seem to make a diff.

My rhr really swings depending on fatigue. And I accumulate A LOT.

Rhr sleep rested: 48-55
RHR rested 50-60
Max HR 190

RHR fatigued and sleeping: 60-80
Rhr fatigued:70-90

Sleeping: mid-40s
Resting: mid-50s
Max: 208

I’m always wondering how people determine their max heart rate. When I use the calculation I would have a theoretical max HR of 184.

My max HR I ever recorded is 217… Which I thought was an error. But that day I had several 210+ HR readings. Other long days in the saddle I also exceeded the 200 beats per minute threshold.

During training my HR never exceeds 185. I think a max HR of 185 is most representative? Since the 210+ readings where measurements over a grand fondo of a few hours. Where residual fatigue creeps in.

I believe the standard test includes a couple of all out sprints with very short break in between.

It is fairly safe to simply forget about the age-based one as in a lot of cases it is not anywhere close to being accurate.


For me: I had ridden 180km on a Sunday, finishing up with some punchy, nasty stuff to peel off some riders at the end.

The following Tuesday we did a 90km group ride, which included a couple of former olympic triathletes. Quick group. Part of the ride included a long stretch on the Rhine River levee, and we kept pushing the pace until the last 2km were a strung out thunderdome of a push. I thought I was maxed out, then another fast rider said he though I could do better as we hit the sprint. Didn’t know being pissed off was so effective, because somewhere I found just a little more I could dig into while I saw Elvis and Jesus cheering me on at the finish.

That was a climb to 210, and was three years ago, so now I call my max 208. I can hit around 203 on the ramp test.

For me… any hill :rofl:

More seriously… be rested, warm up, ‘max effort uphill’ [e.g. a sprint, or very heavily loaded bike].

the age one puts me 13bpm below my ‘new’ max-measured 179. [last week; prev 177]

34 Years old

Sleeping: No idea
Resting: Mid 40s
When I was unfit and first started cycling 5 years ago trying to keep up with chaingangs I recorded a max of 196

In the past couple of years when I have been much fitter, i’ve never gotten above 189

Max has been recorded during 3-5 min Hill climb events in the UK.

I’ve only been tracking for the last few weeks. Im 30 years old

Sleeping: 48
Resting: 48
Max: 195

43 Years Old

Sleeping 45 bpm
Resting 45 bpm
Max 191*

Sleeping and rest from my garmin 245. Resting has been a few beats per minute lower, when I was going more running (but not getting any faster on the bike).

Max found in a trail running race - totally blew up (including puking), at top of a steep climb to start a race. It was a fire road sprint to a single track, followed by a steep climb!

37 years old

Sleeping 31-35 depending on fatigue level
Resting 38-42 depending on fatigue level
Max 178 or so in race conditions