Is Nagoya JP a good place to train?

Anyone know if Nagoya JP is a good place to train? I’m over there for 5 months and need to know if it’s worth bringing my trainer over or not.

@OreoCookie is probably the guy who can tell you or not since he lives in Japan.

But if you are gonna bring your trainer, then does it matter? Or are you asking if it is a good place to train so you don’t have to bring your trainer?

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I lived there for a month before. The countryside nearby is quite beautiful, and you can find your share of mountains to climb. Japan roads are great quality everywhere you go, and there’s plenty of small less trafficked roads.

It does get super hot in summer though, I’d train indoors to avoid the heat.

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In fact, about 18 years ago I lived in Nagoya for a year. Although I didn’t have a good bike with me at the time, so I don’t know the routes. But I follow at least one serious cyclist in Nagoya and he seems to be able to do plenty of riding. (He is super quick, too.)

Overall, Japan is a road cyclist’s dream. The roads are great, and Nagoya has quite a few nice routes from what I can tell. Overall, cycling in Japan is very safe, drivers usually drive very defensively. The great thing is that even though you live close to the coast, you can get to proper mountains in no time. E. g. I live in Sendai, a coastal city, and the highest peak I can get to easily without a car or a train tops out at over 1,600 m.

Mountain biking is more complicated, because most trails are kept a secret on purpose by the local community.

There is a cycling forum for expats that I am active in called Tokyo Cycle. We have quite the various line-up of members: one of us is a big-time offroader, another one was a serious TTer, now gravel rider whose training ethics is seriously impressive.

So yeah, it’s definitely worth bringing your trainer.