Hard to mentally get outside

I’m finding it a strange situation that on my weekend ride, where I can ride outside weather permitting, I prefer to ride indoors.

I can get my equipment set up, bike ready, and then come the morning, I just kinda accept that it’s better to just ride indoors.

I’ve got a long outdoor ride coming up and I know I need to go do a few longer outdoor rides to get used to position etc, but I’m finding it an easier choice just to train indoors.

Bit depressing really. Anyone else?


Couple of suggestions that may help:
Find some friends or a group to ride with
Pick out a coffee shop or restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out and make your route end there
Buy a new piece of kit that gets you excited to ride (not for every ride, but might build some momentum after the first one)


Welcome to the club. Indoor is so convenient and safe:) I have no group or friends to ride with and I choose indoor 95% of the time. I live in a place where riding outside isn’t exciting at all, and without any external motivation I stay indoor. So no, you are not alone. Just do whatever you like and what makes you comfortable. If you do not have any events planned or particular skills to train outdoor it’s nothing wrong with it.

But remember about stepping out of your comfort zone sometimes - you always will be pleasantly surprised how nice it is to do outside ride and you will remember why you train :slight_smile:


I felt the same for a while, but riding with others flipped that on its head. Think it was a combination of a bit more confidence, plus learning to go more by feel and not stress about the numbers so much so I could actually enjoy myself and focus on riding well. Personally I think I’ve become a way stronger all-round rider for it, but everyone’s circumstances are different so its’s ultimately a case of weighing up your own pros and cons.

Meeting a partner or friend somewhere can be fun as well- I used to meet my S.O. at a pizza/craft beer place on a Friday and then have him drive me back :joy:


For me, it’s hard at first to start going outside. Once I do though, I prefer not going back and forth between indoor and outdoor. I haven’t done an indoor workout since mid-March so I’m back in the habit of going out.


Very much can commiserate! Outside on dirt (mountain bike or gravel) is a big motivator to ride and ride longer durations.

But I’ve lost almost all interest in road riding due to road conditions and traffic. Almost have to force myself to road ride nowadays and even then it’s to meet up with friends or to get the longer Z2 work in.


Nice weather is a great motivator!

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I often feel the same about road rides, but remove the cars and nature is a more honest adversary. Dress correctly and freedom beckons.


If only the roads and landscape here were similar :wink: that’s why cycling is such an expeinsive sport - firstly you have to buy bike etc and then a house in a place that is joy to ride :slight_smile:


Go find some woods to ride in. You don’t need a gravel or mtn bike just a bike as long as the trail is smooth.


However grim it gets, I never struggle to get motivated for off road riding. Even a muddy local track is fine. Road riding can be nice but the constant threat from my ‘fellow’ humans is wearing. Nature throws cold, wet and wild at you but it’s never malicious.


Are you able to expand on why you feel this way? Is this new, has something happened or is it just how you feel with no specific cause?

Anyway, you are not alone!

I used to love road riding as it really helped my mental health as well as fitness. These days I mainly ride indoors as I find outdoors too stressful given traffic levels, aggressive drivers and poor road surfaces (I’m in the UK).
I am trying some off-road riding this year but this means I have to drive to the start which is extra hassle so I don’t do it very often. I only started using Trainerroad this year which gives me even less incentive to venture outdoors.
I do need to keep making the effort to get outside so I don’t become bored with the trainer! I hope you find a solution that works for you.


Did my first ride on my road bike yesterday after spending the last 8 weeks on my gravel bike.

Just wasn’t as nice.

I’ll probably be doing the vast majority of my outdoor training on my gravel bike moving forward. I’ll still ride on the road a lot, but mostly as connectors between trailheads.

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This is where I am as well. I can easily get motivated to go out and ride gravel, but road is a struggle….and I am a diehard roadie. But road conditions (especially here in Chicago after winter), traffic, etc leaves me pretty blah when it comes to riding road solo. But i am always up for a group ride on the road. More fun, safety in numbers, etc.

But if I am solo, I’m hitting the trails……but the main trail near me is flooded because of all the goddamn rain we have had in the last month.


Get out of my head, I was literally having these thoughts this weekend. It’s been a long, cold winter and I was just dying to get outside after months on the trainer. But for some reason, even with nice sunny weather this weekend I chose to ride indoors. Then I get almost a little mad at myself for missing the nice weather outside. But I just didn’t feel like riding outside. The wind has been brutal, and I’ve been feeling that cars are giving me less room and I’m feeling less safe. Meanwhile I don’t have to get dressed up, just throw on some bibs and a TV show or race and hop on the trainer. I don’t know, I feel like I’m in a funk lately and not getting the same pick-me-up from riding outdoors.


I also find it very easy to ride indoors. If the weather sucks…too cold or too hot…I ride inside. My spouse prefers I ride indoors. I do view the riding to me a bit different for me anyways. Inside is more interval work, VO2 and threshold. Outside is preferable for 2-3 hour rides. Just depends on what I am trying to do but it needs to be right to go outside.


Spontaneously, I thought of two things: (1) So what if you prefer indoor riding? Then ride indoors! (2) Perhaps you need to try different types of outdoor riding.

I spent three hours on my road bike and two hours on a mountain bike last weekend. Road riding tends to be more stressful, because it takes me a while to get away from traffic. Then it is smooth and relaxed sailing. With offroad riding, I feel much more relaxed. I really need to be focussed on some sections to pick the best lines, etc., which I find very meditative. If I had more trails close to where I live, I‘d probably mostly ride offroad. But then I am on my nice dream road bike on a nice piece of road, whirring along, only hearing the tires as they roll over the tarmac. :heart_eyes:

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Totally with you. I just rode outside this week for the very first time. I did not want to at all. 101 excuses. Well I did it May 4th as it was with me and rode outside 2 times yesterday (left my truck keys in my wife’s car and I had places to go). Reminded me why I love riding a bike. I do prefer the trainer in a lot of ways as I can stay up to date with all the races on eurosport. Now I am far behind. Interesting thing is I tried a Saturday workout on the trainer and just could not do it at all.
I am planning to try and do 2-4 hour zone 2 rides outside for the next bit weather permitting. I am up in Canada… It could snow any day lol.

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Me, too. I have been having a hard time getting outside both this past summer and this summer. I am having a very hard time becoming motivated to do longer outside rides. I am hesitant to return to my old cycling club and i keep finding excuses to stay inside.

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It is so much easier and convenient, and productive. I don’t have power on my bikes only the faux power meter on the kickr core.

I have done exactly two rides this year. But i have done every workout the mv plan has set out from Feb 1.

I did ride out yesterday, a monthly curated route somewhat support ends with a breakfast ride and hugely enjoyed. And smashed a bunch of PRs without trying. Good fun

This morning i had California (vo2max) and realised that the 2min i thought was impossible was actually survivable :slight_smile: i am now wondering why i did not shave off another 5 -10 seconds on a short climbing segment where i did not push quite as hard.

I miss the workouts on the rest days and dread recovery week. I have earned the nickname “hamster monk” from the girlfriend for all this compliance :grin:

I have not suddenly turned anti social or something. It’s difficult to find routes in the explosively expanding city where i live. And in this season miserably hot. That apart i have actually gotten to really like the structure, with power indoors. If i come back and write i love the four hour endurance rides indoors send help please