Is my bike too big for this trainer?

I just put my Trek Checkpoint on an Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+. (Don’t judge me, it’s permanently wintry-mix-ing outside.) Turns out the dropouts with the thru-axle adapter are much wider than my other bike, and I’ve ended up with this:

The wheel is not leaning, it’s straight up and down, but it definitely lands on the roller off-center. You can roughly make out the darker ring to the left where my other bike made contact. Anybody else have a setup that looks like this?

None of my bikes sit dead centre and all been fine.

I have 2 road bikes and an MTB that I have used on my trainer. Dropout widths differ and the MTB has boost. As only one side of the trainer clamp adjusts the wheels sit in varying places.

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Does it work? If so, it fits!

When I used a wheel on trainer all of my bikes fit differently. Didn’t think much of it.

The H3 is so quiet it’s hard to think about using something else. However, I miss my Fluid trainer. It allowed me to overwork and blow up a lot easier than erg mode. I digress.

I’d say if it’s not Impacting the workout it’s perfect.

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Stellar, thanks folks. It seemed to work just fine.