Is it safe to do a ramp test after having mild covid?

Any doctors on here? :slight_smile:

Or maybe personal experiences?

Hypotheticaly if your mom/partner/kid asked you that question what would you say? That’s probably your answer right there :sweat_smile:


Take it easy and err on the side of caution! COVID can cause small amounts of damage to the heart & lungs even in mild cases. Perhaps give yourself more time to make sure you have fully recuperated, just do some very light zone 2 work and build up from there. You could compare your heart rate & power to previous workouts, listen to your breathing, breaths per minute etc. All just my opinion.


depends on what you think the result might be. if you’re looking to assess your best fitness you might give it a bit more time to make sure you’re fully “recovered.” if you’re looking to find out what your mild case did to you then go at it and see what’s up. for me covid had a noticeable effect on my upper end which would impact the outcome of your ramp test. I had covid over the christmas week and tried to get back into things maybe a bit too quickly. no ramp tests because i don’t get along well with the ramp test but as far as getting back to training went endurance and sweet spot were no problem. stuff over 105-110% were much harder than they were prior to covid and took some time and more recovery to get back(i was in the last 2 weeks of SSB2 when i was trying to get going again which didn’t go great). i didn’t have an awful case, some heavy flu like symptoms for 24 hours and some off and on fatigue for about a week after but the effect on my training seemed to stick around. nothing too serious but i seem to need more recovery more often the last few weeks. be wary and be aware of how you feel and respond accordingly.

Maybe do an easy endurance ride just to check how you feel before you give 'er the full beans?

You shouldn’t be exercising (hard) if you are sick, any joule of energy you put into the legs is a joule your body does not have to fight the virus. With Covid especially, I’d play it safe and just stop exercising until you are fully recovered. Like others said, err on the side of caution.

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I wouldn’t cause I did. Mine was 2 weeks after symptoms passed. I found i wasn’t ready for that kind of work. It’s a lot of stress emptying everything.

Went to Dr. 2 weeks later. He told me it takes time to fully recovery. He said, “it’s only been 5 weeks, you cyclist are something”

Slow and steady increase in difficulty plus more rest days is my recommendation.

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Had a positive test yesterday and what I’ll be doing is using Fatmaxxer app to ensure I don’t overdo things, until at least the New Year I’d say. I’m 55, love my cycling so want to make sure I don’t do anything which puts this at risk.