Is it normal for CTL to plateau during build of a LV SST plan?

New to power training and using Golden Cheetah to track PMC, QA, etc… I noticed that my CTL (Coggan) during my build phase has plateaued and even dropped a bit over the last 6 weeks. Is this to be expected? I can imagine that the build phase is targeting different energy systems which might not be reflected in something like CTL (but might be in the progression levels with AT). Not sure if I need to get some more TSS in to drive up ATL/CTL to see better gains or if I should just chill.

Thanks for any insights.

I think it is pushed up a lot by volume, so assuming the volume is higher in Base, and that the TSS is not equal in Build to allow for appropriate recovery, that would explain it.

I had the same in that my CTL was forecast and kept lower during Build to try and make sure I had the goods to go in the hard workouts.

If you have time and motivation and know that you can cope with a bit more, you can add a bit of endurance riding onto the end of your workouts which will help bridge the TSS gap without screwing up your Build focus.


CTL isn’t the goal. Don’t chase it.


The end

Remember that CTL is just a 6 week running average of your daily TSS. If you are following an appropriate plan, then CTL is immaterial. However, it may be useful to track your training load if you are adding extra outside rides as a way to supplement your training.