Is it better to do a -1 workout or lower the workout intensity?

I’m very tired today and I don’t want to skip the day because I already missed one this week.

What’s your opinion guys?

For being tired, I’d look at a minus version and likely one that is shorter.

I only do -1 if I cut myself short on time, lower the intensity if I am not able to do the work out as prescribed due to fatigue. Also maybe a different workout would help you. But the real question is, are you really fatigued or just think you are?

In situations like this, always do the warm up. You and your legs might come alive. If not, then just do Pettit.

One thing I will add about the -1 workouts. Sometimes they are harder than the workout itself. Look at Monitor below. Even though TSS and time of workout goes down, the rest intervals keep getting shorter and the IF goes up. I would much rather do Monitor than Monitor-4



(I’m kidding . . . but give it some thought)

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I find sometimes exercise is what I need to make me un-tired. I would start out with prescribed workout and lower it after a couple of intervals if you are struggling.

Oh and sometimes a pre-ride coffee helps. :wink:


I’d concur with @Alen

Be careful with the minus workouts. The plus versions might sometimes be longer but have longer rest intervals so can be easier despite the extra duration. If you’re tired that slightly longer RI may be all you need to hit the targets.

If I’m realky tired, I do an easy ride like petit or skip a day. I’m 60 and have realized that I need to adjust workouts if I’m tired. For my last HIM low volume plan, I did many -1 workouts as the standard. The full workouts just took too much out of me. For threshold rides, I generally limit myself to 110% of ftp. 120% I can do for a minute, but two minutes is very tough and 3 minutes not really feasible. Doing too much just wears me down.

What I did today was start the full workout and then ended up bailing early on intervals 3 and 4 halfway through them and scrubbed to the recovery valley. It only took ~10 mins off the complete work out and allowed me to finish strong on the last interval. Since the workout is so long (Antelope) I figured it was better to cut the intervals early rather than lowering intensity.

I agree with your approach. The idea is that the stress has to be hard enough to stimulate a response. Keeping the intervals at the normal level and shortening the workout is, IMHO, more likely to do that than the alternative.