Is Hayfever a blessing in disguise!?


I’ve been stressing for the past couple of weeks as restricted airways and weezyness from hayfever is affecting my ironman training. I am sure many other users experience the same frustrations.

This morning I had a thought, would it be possible that training through the hayfever season actually benefits you when you return to normal levels of aerobic performance in a similar way to altitude training!?

The thought made me feel better for a while at least…

no, not a blessing in disguise. Altitude training ideally is sleep high and train low, meaning you train at low altitudes so that you can actually work hard with a higher partial pressure of O2 around. Then you sleep and rest the balance of the day at altitude. With asthma, you have suboptimal breathing when you are working hard, limiting your capacity to work and train. So the quality and quantity of training is going to be reduced.