Is ewot training legit?

My dad has an o2 concentrator with a Mylar balloon and mask on the way…is this at all legit? He lives in Florida so it’s sorta “live low train lower” if that makes any sense. Thanks :slight_smile:

Awe c’mon, somebody has looked into this…right?? The lack of response makes me think it’s a really effective secret!

Likely will have little effect at sea level. I recall a podcast mentioning this being done at the Colorado Springs Olympic training center. The athletes were able to push themselves quite a bit harder than normal, leading to more muscle damage than they could recover from before their next session… so it was kind of a wash.

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I can totally see how it might help if you live at altitude and want to get in some quality high intensity work, and that could either be more intense (with maybe the muscle damage issue?) or just “easier”. But I guess the question is…at sea level is the limiting thing the amount of oxygen you can get in?

Not unless you have lung disease/ damage. The limiter us usually getting rid of the co2. Exhale forcefully and completely. It takes real effort at vo2max levels of exertion.

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How about the claims of driving oxygen into your body for faster healing, recovery, and anti aging. It sounds too good to be true. But hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a thing.

At standard atmospheric pressures, your red blood cells are saturated with oxygen. The reason hyperbaric oxygen is a thing is because at those pressures oxygen dissolves directly into plasma, so it doesn’t matter how many RBCs you have, you get excellent perfusion into tissue.

I don’t know if this translates to faster healing. Most of the work I’ve seen with it is to either drive better oxygenation to injured areas with poor blood flow (spine, joints). But it’s a double edged sword… you drive up oxidative stress everywhere else, which could delay healing in other places.