Altitude room at local gym - thoughts?

Hi team,

My local gym has an altitude training room, which has standard exercise bikes in there - I’ve asked if I can bring my road bike and just my rollers, or change the pedals on their stationary bikes if I’m allowed to.

Question is - is this worth the investment of AU$30 per week ( pay as you go, no lock in contracts )?

How many sessions of altitude would I realistically need to actually have a benefit?

I’d intend to use this component of training only prior to A events.

Option B is to pay $300 for a two week rental of an altitude tent…


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It’s been shown multiple times now altitude training is a bit of a crock. It’s the adaptions that come with living at altitude that make people faster, not training at altitude.

What you actually need is to live at altitude and then train at sea level.


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You’d need to live in the room for a few weeks.

This could work. But it’s not a very pleasant existence.

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Why not try it out and see what results you get? the investment is pretty low so you’re not going to lose much, my wife has been doing spin classes in an altitude modified environment but I’m not entirely convinced, but there could be adaptations to be gained, sounds like a great topic for a deep dive for @chad!

Depends if you’re alone in there or not, and who with if so.

I feel this could, or has been some sort of movie … :joy:

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Could be a bunch of very different movies, actually.

IMO an altitude room would actually work great if you were already at a really high elevation. (Thinking Mexico City, Denver, Quito, etc.) then the altitude room would simulate sea level. Then you live high but also get the training benefits of full oxygen.

Actually, that makes me wonder now, would having an “altitude room” at sea level that simulates say -5000ft allow you to work even harder make sense? So if you live low, you can train REALLY low?

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Sleep high.
Train low.

Chad already did a deep dive on this.


Back when I was an EMT a couple of my coworkers would breath off the O2 tanks for a bit (not long) if they were sleepy. I never tried it myself but they said it helped (briefly).