Is ERG powermatch more stable on a Phone than a Older Laptop?

My TT bike with Pedal power meter is in for a service so I used my road bike which has a crank arm (4iiii) power meter and I was expecting something a little smoother. ERG was still all over the place, however. I am wondering if its largely due to my older laptop and should I retry the test tomorrow on the Android ?

The alternative, if its down to my Elite Suito (you get what you pay for :neutral_face:) when I am next down for a test I do a 20min one instead without ERG. It was the testing protocol I used prior to TR and would get results circa 60w higher than tonight’s ramp test back in May.

I suppose there’s only one way to find out, I’ll try the test tonight using powermatch via the phone and see if it’s any more stable than my ancient laptop, if it is I’ll have to investigate a bigger screen :+1: