Is AT trying to break me?

I’m fairly new to this whole AT affair, so what I’m seeing may be expected, but just intrigued.

I’ve been working through SSBLV (+ some other largely steady outside rides), and thought I was seeing a reasonably intuitive to and manageable increase in SS and Threshold PLs of about 0.2-0.5 a week. Last week I marked a couple of sessions hard and very hard at levels 3.6 and 3.5.

This morning, I added in a few c events to my calendar (several weeks off), and it refreshed next week’s training to levels 6.0 and 5.5 respectively! This feels quite the jump.

The week after is a rest week, so maybe the plan is trying to really squeeze me before that. But I’ve also got a C event next weekend, and I think I’ll be a shell for it! Bizarrely, nothing else in the rest of the plan (through build and specialism) currently has PLs this high.

I thought I was getting my head around AT at a high level, but this has thrown me.

This is a bug. If you don’t get adaptation suggestions to those workouts today I suggest contacting support.


That’s a bug, and you should contact support. In the meantime, choose an alternate. If these workouts were (Very) Hard, I suggests you raise your PL by something like 0.2 for the first workout and see how it goes.

In my experience, AT at most ramps PLs by 1.0–1.2 points. Suggesting workouts that are ~2.0 points harder after you marked the other workouts as (Very) Hard is definitely not expected behavior.

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