Adaptive Training (AT) Increasing intensity after responding "Very Hard - too intense" to survey

I’m at the tail end of SSBHV Part 2 plan.

On Monday I barely completed “Sloan +3”, a 90 min Sweet Spot 8.0, IF of 0.87.
I responded “very hard - too intense” to the ride survey.

I then got new adaptations, for the next two weeks…

Wed Galena SS 7.6 / IF 0.85 ===>>> Write Peak -5 SS 9.3 / IF 0.88
Fri Golgatha SS 7.8 / IF 0.82 ===>>> Aniakchak SS 9.5 / IF 0.81
Sat Tallac +3 SS 7.8 / IF 0.82 ===>>> Ghost SS 9.4 / IF 0.86

Why did AT INCREASE the difficulty and intensity after I said “very hard”?

Do I actually need to fail the workout?


Did you accept the changes? Your common sense is telling you not to accept it, so don’t accept it. I don’t think that AT has been perfect and that would be one of the times where you would override it.


You can also check with support. They are great about either explaining why or recognizing a bug. The forum can help but support has much more insight since they can see everything in your plan. @IvyAudrain and @SarahLaverty also will sometimes be able to help!

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I did send in a support ticket… haven’t heard anything so I posted here.

Those look like adaptions from a too easy response. Make sure it’s actually marked very hard. If so, change it to “All out” and see if you get better adaptions.

Let us know what support has to say.

Just FYI - the last few times I’ve written support, it took 24-48 hours for a response, plus it’s the holidays.

You shouldn’t have gotten those adaptations. Our team is looking into this one and it looks like your situation uncovered an edge-case that we need to address.

As of now, the workout scheduled for Wednesday is correct, so feel free to carry on training :slight_smile: .

In the meantime, our team will reach out to you via the Support Ticket you submitted to help get things sorted for ya.


Thanks for the help and thanks to the quick reply from the support team!

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