Is AT clever enough to predict the future? Feature request

In the same way that my Garmin can estimate my 5k/10k run pace (I’ve no idea how accurately it does this) I’d like to have some sort of estimations of times for some standard distances or some way of seeing the improvements I am making and maybe even those I should make if I stick with it (please don’t recommend looking at those horrible PR charts).

We used to go off of FTP increases, but apparently this is too blunt an instrument.

We can sort of use PL’s but that’s not what they are designed for and they reset when you do a ramp test.

Would be nice if TR had something that showed me how well I am doing and could even predict where I was heading.

It’s nice to see my PL’s going up and this just made me think it would be motivating to have some sort of validation of improving fitness, especially when your FTP is barely moving, but you think maybe you are getting a bit fitter in general.

  1. No
  2. Nobody can predict the future
  3. Garmin isn’t predicting the future with run pace, it’s estimating what you can do now
  4. Running isn’t cycling
  5. For cycling pace you need info about terrain, weather, cdA, bike setup, …
  6. For other kinds of predictions the answer is still no.
  7. Xert tries to do power profile predictions, but even for that the answer is still no


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7… Xert predictions are as good as the correlation of your historical training loads with breakthrough efforts. If correlation is high, Xert predictions are likely to be good because it simply extrapolates based on the same correlations. It does this under the covers.

Best Bike Splits if you want to estimate your time to complete an event / figure out the best way to pace an event.

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Do you listen to the podcast?

I thought you’d find this interesting, although they didn’t go into great detail but Nate mentioned they are working on being able to predict your current FTP without the need for a ramp test and also to predict where it will be in the future based on your previous training history and the plan you have in place in TR.