Is air conditioning needed in August?

In mid-August, we are renting a flat in Australia. The majority of apartments lack air conditioning. We’re spoiled American wimps who prefer ducted air conditioning Sydney and are worried that the apartments will be too hot to sleep in. The apartments are described by most apartment owners as ancient stone buildings that “remain fresh” and do not require air conditioning. I’m not sure if they’re just attempting to rent us the place or if they’re telling the truth.

Are we being overly sensitive? Is it necessary to have air conditioning?

I’m not from Australia…but keep in mind that August is the end of winter there. So this past August the highs ranged from mid-60s to mid-70s (F) and the lows were from mid-40s to mid-50s. So AC for sleeping probably isn’t super necessary.

Here’s last August’s temps:

I’m from Aus originally and those stone buildings can stay surprisingly cool, especially as most of them are one storey. Sydney is pretty mild compared to what many might imagine as the ‘typical’ Australian climate and I’d personally be fine with no AC, but that’s also pretty dependent on what you’re used to- so might be worth checking out what the local weather looks like that time of year!

You’re more likely to be freezing cold in an old apartment at that time of year. I’d be asking about the heating situation.


I don’t have air conditioning year round, so I am biased (triple digits is fine for me).

I’m living in Japan, not Australia, but the AC doubles as a heater, too. So you might want an AC, but for heating not cooling.

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I was a Sydney local until moving a couple years ago. I’ve got just shy of 40 years living in most parts of Greater Sydney at one point.
The problem is that the weather is so mild on average that everyone pretends it doesn’t get hot or cold. When it does though…Oh boy do you feel it in the older houses.
The last place I lived in had a huge split system and my trusty Rinnai running at full tilt in winter and it was still an icebox.

August is usually when things start to warm up. The days are stunning that time of year. It’s a great time to go riding in all the national parks. The Blue Mountains are nice as well.