Is AI FTP Accounts for Deleted Workouts?

Hi everybody,

My friend is considering starting trainerroad and he want to try couple workouts through my account. If he delete the workouts he competed from callendar, will AI FTP dectection will account for those deleted workouts?

Why doesn;t you friend use the official free trial process (refund within 30 days)

You friend will get the full TR experience (TR plans, AI detection, workouts tailored to them) for 30 days, to be honest if I just experienced a couple of workouts I wouldn’t sign up, as I wouldn’t see the benefit over TrainerDay or Zwift

You won’t have to worry about AI detection, or contradicting the Terms and Conditions


He’ll need to export those workouts and import them into the Career of his new account (if they use TR after) so that AI FTP accounts for them. I am unsure if there will be problems encountered doing so, as they’ve been recorded in one account and will be uploaded to another but if there is a problem (there probably won’t be) TR support will sort it out.

It’ll be a lot easier though for them and won’t upset your account either if they just to sign up for the 30day trial and get their money back if they are not happy.

Hey @medetkerem!

A deleted workout will not impact your AI FTP detection result.

HOWEVER, two people using one TrainerRoad Account is a recipe for confusion and could really screw up your Training Plan, Adaptations, and Progression Levels (and is actually against the rules).

Like other athletes here have suggested, I encourage you to tell your friend to sign up for TrainerRoad. If they don’t love it, they can cancel their account by visiting their Account Information page and selecting “cancel account”. They will be eligible for a refund if they cancel within 30 days of signing up. That option will be available on the Account page too.

If they have any questions for us, be sure to point them toward the Forum, or they can reach out to us via email at or through chat on the website or app. We’d be happy to help them get set up and answer any of their questions!