Does TR save a temp file for workouts?

I just did a ramp test but somehow got kicked out of the workout when I tried to decline the new FTP. Is the workout saved anywhere until it is uploaded?

I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find anything, though I swear I’ve seen something about this somewhere.

I think the general advice is to get in touch with support via the email link and they can help you out.

Unfortunately, while we used to save deleted workouts, we aren’t allowed to store that data under GDPR regulations. :disappointed: That means that as soon as you hit the “discard” button, the workout data is gone. We’re working on updates to our app that will include clearer messaging and a safety check before you accidentally discard a workout. Sorry for the bad news!

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@larry this raises another interesting question… if we mark rides as ‘private’ and our training is not public on TrainerRoad, can support staff access our data without our express consent per incident?

Not to get into this and derail the thread, but here’s a couple of resources for you on that topic:

@larry, Thanks for the info. When your eyes are crossed after the Ramp comes to a stop, the mind doesn’t always work clearly. I think I’ve done the same thing before, thinking I don’t want my new FTP and bye bye ride.