IRONMAN VR needs distance recorded

IRONMAN Virtual Club has just started, and the first official event called IRONMAN VR will start soon.
To accomplish the event, a bike riding record with 90km of distance is needed.

You know, Trainerroad don’t have virtual distance estimation feature, which Zwift has.
I use magnet trainer and power meter (Garmin’s Vector 3), so no other way to record distance.
Why don’t you implement virtual distance feature in Trainerroad software?
Otherwise, should I use Zwift or similar software (Rouvy?)…?

Unfortunately, we do not have plans to develop a virtual speed/ distance model at this time :pensive:.

With a magnetic trainer, you do have the option to gather speed readings from a speed sensor, however, this may or may not closely coincide with a realistic distance for your power output. It will just be a function of the level of resistance that your trainer generates.

For the purposes of IRONMAN VR, your team will be better served by an indoor training system that supports vitual speed/distance.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you at this time.

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