Ironman Mont-Tremblant

What an epic battle between Cody Beals and Lionel Sanders! Interesting dynamic with Cody already having his Kona qualification and Lionel coming off a significant injury. Lionel being in Kona is good for the sport and i’m glad he’s in.


Lionel is looking great on the bike too, form and position looks much improved on the last couple of years. Kona should be exciting!

Lionel is fantastic - a really asett to the Tri scene.
Whilst I do not tri myslef I do follow a few of the athletes on Strav and Instagram. Heather Jackson, Lucy Charles, Cam Wurf and Lionel.

I agree! That new Canyon he’s rocking sorted out a lot of his problems. Still had a little limp on the back half of his run but 6 months between races will do that to you.