Ironman in 6 weeks and dislocated shoulder. Advise?

Hi all, I’m 6.5 weeks out from Ironman 70.3 New Zealand and I dislocated my shoulder last night (slipped and fell). I’m told no swim bike run for 2 weeks minimum but swimming might need longer off. Looking for advise on how to keep the fitness up. I was planning on using TrainerRoad but just sitting up on the bike. Any advise for those with shoulder injuries? Other creative ways to get the heart rate up while in a sling?

Firstly, sorry mate, 6 weeks out, hopefully you can heal up in time to compete. I would firstly see a physio, a good sports physio, a osteo as well. Both do different things. Have you had a MRI to determine if there is any ligament damage?
Purely for cardio and fitness I would use TR absolutely. And though in O/U for V02 work. But that may also be dependent if you can hold the bars?

Sorry to hear that, that is awful. But I am sure that if you out in the work so far, you’ll be able to race! Discounting the tapering you’re only missing out on the final 4 weeks, that’s for sharpening anyway.

I’d see another doc who might better understand the athletes needs, in my experience general physicians err on the side of caution in these cases. I once had a doc tell me to not ride a bike for 5-6 with a broken clavicle. Either way you can probably walk a lot to accumulate time on your feet. For the bike, check out the gyms near you, ours has stationary recumbent bikes. I’d say find one of these and get cracking!

Heal up quick, fingers crossed!

Definitely get a second opinion. I don’t see why you could not do sweetspot work on the trainer. Keep the one arm off the bars so you don’t stress the shoulder. If a sports-aware or athlete-aware Dr is not an option, how about a PT?

Totally depends on how severe the injury is. I have dislocated and separated my shoulder several times and the recovery was different each time.

Definitely get with a PT ASAP and start with whatever they recommend (usually band based exercises)

Not a doctor, but the only reason I can think of to stay off the trainer entirely would be to let your body focus on healing instead of recovering from intervals. If you’re comfortable giving yourself that extra burden I don’t think you’d actually injure your shoulder by riding. Likely their advice came from wanting you to avoid the potential of a crash or pressure on the joint while riding outside. Definitely confirm this with your doctor and PT before doing anything robust