iPhone 14 messages and location via satellite

I’ve been thinking of Garmin InReach, until I just heard this announced:

basic architecture:

and limited messages like Garmin InReach:

but looks like “Emergency SOS” to public safety, and no direct messaging to someone you know.

Screenshots from MacRumors.com live feed.

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This is a really good idea, but it sounds like it will be a subscription after the first 2 years. Will be interesting to see how much

That’s a bummer, thankfully I’ve never had to use my InReach for an actual emergency but it’s been handy to keep my wife updated when I’m hiking or biking alone outside of cell reception. It’d be nice to not have to carry my InReach on bike rides or have to use Garmin’s crappy Earthmate app.

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Yeah, that’s a problem. A lot of the uses for this would be to have someone I know pick me up for ‘free’. If I can only get ambulance/police/search&rescue with this that is something, but leaves a big gap compared to an inreach.
This seems like something that can be changed in software and subscription pricing. Ie - premium SOS could allow limited messaging.
I also wonder how the pervasiveness of this will affect the reliability. If there is an increase in ‘inappropriate’ emergency call-outs to remote locations, this could lead to some not being responded to.

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