I’m This Old and Proud

Just returning to TR and love that I didn’t have to suffer through the Ramp Test on my calendar. Push a button and I’m done!

The workout it dropped in to replace to Ramp looked fun and it was nice outside so I tried to make it an outside workout. Couldn’t find the path

Here’s where my age kicked in. Always heard great things about TR customer service. Found lots of topics, a channel to send a message, but no phone number. This old man wanted to talk to a human. Guess I’ll sit patiently and await further instruction. Maybe I’ll take a nap.

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Unfortunately I don’t think they have a phone number. Live chat when available is fantastic though

These may help you:


Guess I have to look a bit harder for live chat. Scott did answer me back pretty quick


Live Chat is text based, and I have no idea the timeframe it’s “open”, but can be found on the main TR site at the “Support” section on the bottom.


Talking to humans now days is a privilege.
Companies do not see value in paying people to help customers.

I dare you to try to solve an issue with UPS. They do everything in their power to not help you.
They made the calculation that paying CSR to help the 3% of customer that have issues is not worth their time.