iOS Beta Version Expired

Is there a current beta version of the iOS build? Mine in TestFlight is showing as build removed and no new version shows when I try and refresh. Should I just remove the beta version and install the commercial version? It’s nothing urgent, I have the commercial version on my ipad and have been using that way more recently.

Mine did the same last night - I just installed the regular app and was off and going in about 2 minutes. Do not know any info on the Beta, just confirming mine was the same.

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At the moment, the production app and the Beta apps are identical, so go ahead and run the standard app for the time being.

We’ll have a new iOS beta coming out soon :+1:.


Cheers @Bryce

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Thanks, @Bryce!

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How can I sign up for beta testing future iOS app versions? I have TestFlight…

This article will walk you through the process :slight_smile:

Thanks! Hoping you guys open up iOS beta testing to more users soon! :crossed_fingers:t2: