How many referrals have you given?

Just as a bit of fun, I was wondering how many referrals you’ve given out and how many have been activated?

I’ve got:
17 invited
9 redeemed

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Two both signed up but neither show redeemed.

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Guessing they both just signed up without using your referral link?

Just one that’s been accepted and used. But around here, a lot of people don’t even own trainers because we can ride outside year round.

Just rub it in why don’t you :slight_smile:

My entire driveway is currently covered in a sheet of ice…

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12 sent, 6 redeemed

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Exactly zero sent. Billy NoMates me…

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Funny that even the couple with two young kids gave away their trainers when they moved here. Me? It’s key. I’d generally rather ride outside, but…

Three sent, one redeemed, one signed up anyway so didn’t need to redeem

Hard to count…basically anyone who will listen to me gets to hear about TR!

Only sent a couple links via email though


Two sent, none redeemed.

One was to the owner of my local bike store that just started selling trainers.

He used Zwift as an example for potential trainer buyers so I told him about TrainerRoad and gave him a referral so he can try it out.

Told him if he needed one for one of his customers that he could just let me know.
If it helps him sell more trainers I am glad to help, a way of giving back as he’s helped me a lot with his advice and occasionally showing me how how to fix small stuff.


I always consider TR as my killer App as all my friends are on ‘the app that must not be named’. However, started to feel sorry for them so now referring…2 and 1 so far


there’s a referral link? How come I’m always the last to know these things??

If you login on it is under account if you have them:

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I have sent 6 referrals but only 2 have been redeemed. I have 3 sitting there that I’ve posted about in local groups out haven’t had any takers.

Even folks I ride/race with have seen the difference in my speed and ask what I’ve done. When I tell them and offer them a referral they either say no or don’t redeem it. I don’t get it! You see someone else that you know improving at a much faster rate than you are but don’t want even try the same program?

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just wondering… besides the satisfaction of knowing that i opened the doors to getting faster for a friend, is there anything else that I get when one of my friends redeems the invitation for a free month subscription?


Hey Isaac,

There are no additional incentives with the referral program, but if we’re doing a good job our application, we hope that you’d want to share with your friends anyways so that you can both get faster together :+1:.

pretty sure i got a free month of TR when I first started even though I did not utilize any of my friends for a referral link… but hey… it makes sense anyways.

my memory is probably off on that…

21 Sent, 19 Redeemed.