🎉🎉🎉 Introducing AI FTP Detection 🎉🎉🎉

Probably not, maybe a watt or two I would guess. FTP doesn’t change that quickly

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Just wanted to drop a note in here with the official TR stamp of approval. :joy:
Doing this leading into your endurance week is totally fine, just be cognizant of how big that FTP jump is and how it will change your levels for your recovery week. Granted, it is telling you what your FTP and fitness is now so your endurance week will be appropriately recalibrated as a result, just be sure to keep it chill and with the purpose of that recovery week in mind!

Your workouts this week look totally achievable, make the most of recovery and rest before this next tough block! You’re crushing it.


(Mostly inconsequential) Question on variables that ‘feed’ the AI FTP Detection algorithm:

Does ‘AT plan compliance’ factor in at all? In other words, if two users of the same FTP did the same PL workouts in the same energy systems - one because they were ‘assigned’ them by AT and one simply picking from the catalog - would AI FTP Detection produce the same updated estimate of FTP after a training block? Or because one user follows an AT-prescribed progression, would they have a different outcome?

Hey everyone,

I want to share some new improvements to AI FTP Detection. The team has been hard at work to make AI FTP Detection easier to find, more intuitive to use, and easier to see how it works with Progression Levels to personalize your training. These updates were driven by athlete feedback, so thanks to all of you for helping us with the Early Access process!

1. AI FTP Detection can now be accessed from a button on your Account Settings page, located next to your FTP. It can also still be accessed from any scheduled FTP test on your calendar, and now you can use it from TrainerRoad.com (in addition to from the apps).

2. We’ve improved the experience of using AI FTP detection, clarifying how accepting an FTP Detection impacts your Progression Levels and, if you’re using AI FTP Detection from a scheduled Ramp Test, how AI FTP Detection replaces your test with a workout.

3. AI FTP Detection is now available to update your FTP every 28 days. Within those 28 days, clicking on AI FTP Detection will reveal a new timer counting down to when AI FTP Detection is next available to use. Between detections, your Progression Levels will continue to reflect ongoing progress across your training zones, workout to workout. AI FTP Detection and Progression Levels work together to give you the right workout at the right time, by tracking big-picture fitness trends, like changes in FTP, and fine-tuning your daily workout recommendations based on your goals and analysis of your most recent efforts.

As before, AI FTP Detection analyzes ALL rides with power data: whether indoors, outdoors, structured, or unstructured, AI FTP Detection tracks your fitness without the need for tests or all-out efforts. And as before, you still have the option to test your FTP any time you like with a Ramp Test or other method. The choice is yours!

Today’s updates are available to any athlete who has opted into AI FTP Detection via Early Access. If you’re already using AI FTP Detection, you don’t need to do anything to enable these improvements besides making sure you’re using the latest version of the TrainerRoad app.

And by the way, today’s updates are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got even bigger improvements coming to AI FTP Detection in the near future. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think!

If you haven’t yet enabled AI FTP Detection, here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the TrainerRoad app.

Step 2. Log into the TrainerRoad website.

Step 3. Access Account then Early Access from the navigation menu.

Step 4. Under AI FTP Detection, select Enabled.

Step 5. Proceed to the apps to use FTP Detection.


Can you please clarify #3? It sounds like we are no longer able to detect FTP every 14 days, as it is now 28 days, regardless of whether or not we update the FTP upon detection. Is that correct? Thanks!

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28 days is the new limit, but ONLY if you ACCEPT the FTP it proposes.

If you decline the new AIFTPD proposal, you can re-access the AIFTPD anytime.

I Didn’t Accept my Recent AI FTP Detection. Can I Get a New Detection Sooner Than 28 Days?

If you keep your current FTP instead of accepting AI FTP Detection’s results, the newly-detected FTP will still be available for you to accept at any time during the next 28 days. Simply click the AI FTP Button from your Account Settings or from any FTP Test, and you’ll again be presented with the option to accept it, along with a countdown to when your next detection will be available.


If I understand, you can access the value it detects for 28 days if you don’t accept it, but it won’t re run the detection for 28 days. You just can accept what it gave you the first time.


Yeah, I think that is my reading as well, with the addition of the following paragraph from the support article:

If you haven’t accepted your newly detected FTP and something happens to significantly decrease your fitness within 28 days (for example, if you take extended time off the bike), AI FTP Detection will automatically adjust your still-available prediction downwards to make sure you get the right workouts and power targets. This will prevent you from accepting a too-high FTP, and it won’t affect the 28-day countdown until your next detection is available.

So it sounds like it can adjust during that time, but only downwards within the 28-day window.

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So you can access that number, but you won’t be able to get a fresh AI FTP number until 28 days have passed?

I declined a AI FTP D at the start of the month or the end of last month (I forget and Ive kept my manual FTP since the start of Sep so there’s no record of it). When I ran AI FTP D again however, a week last Tues, it said something about the previous AIF FTP D still being valid for 4 more days, after which I could run a new AI FTP D :exploding_head:

I am pretty sure these are the new rules, as I had a similar experiment to you a week ago (restricted from accessing).

But from what I just tested today, I had direct access to what is a new number. So I think this release is a reset at least, if not a new way vs just days ago.


Can confirm that the “time gate” for using this feature has increased from 14 to 28 days, but for the second part of your question…

…Chad is right!

Correct, but there is an exception…

…Chad is right again! The reason this is in place is so that if for some reason your FTP has dropped, it will catch it and avoid detrimental effects to your training.

Something I wish to impress on all of us in this discussion is the importance of remembering Progression Levels. Please remember that with Adaptive Training, you don’t have to fixate on having the perfect FTP as it isn’t the only thing guiding your training. Progression Levels in partnership with AI FTP Detection will have you training where you need to be :slight_smile:


Oh come on TR, we promise to use this all powerful FTP knowledge for good (charting AI FTP and only changing training FTP after working through PLs) rather than evil (doing the same exact workouts every week but with a slightly different FTP)!

I wouldn’t trust us with that knowledge either, haha.



I can see the logic in not allowing to accept a new FTP too frequently, but I respectfully think that allowing to run a fresh FTP detection more frequently (without accepting it) would have no downsides and would make the app more fun and interesting. Would you consider that?


SF users are turning in their graves

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Does it take into account unstructured part tacked to back of prescribed structured intervals? For example, doing planned 1.5h Sweetspot PL 7.0 workout and then getting back to home with 2h Z2 ride that as a separate workout would be Endurance PL 4.0. Or is it something that will be addressed with upcoming Workout Levels v2?


It seems you can now!

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Only a slight quibble here. Xert would say your “FTP” is your 60 minute power, which isn’t what Xert calls threshold power (TP) necessarily. Likely, if you look at PD in Xert your 60 minute power will be lower, and close to 322, FWIW.

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Today’s update changed the interval from 14 to 28 days.

As a data junkie, I need to wait two more weeks to get my data fix.:thinking: