🎉 🎉 🎉 Introducing Adaptive Training! 🎉 🎉 🎉

If you’re on a plan, it will suggest a TR workout.

But…you could find a workout at the same level in your WOC and do that.

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A little bit. The thing we aren’t showing you in TrainNow is if it is Achievable or Progressive. That data comes out soon.

So you might get a little bit harder workout or a little bit easier workout.

Once that gets released with levels you can probably do a bunch of AT stuff manually in your plan.


This is the long term goal, but is not here today. We think we need more data about how you feel and why you stopped/failed workouts.

I suspect there will be an evolution of rules → ML in this regard. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s a set of rules and when it’s pure ML (or most likely it will be a mix at first).

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If you relieve yourself in a “set”, it will probably mark it as a failure.

If you relieve yourself between sets, it will probably mark it as a pass.

IE if you’re in a 2x20, pee in between sets, not at 10 minutes into a 20 minute interval. If you did that, it changes the nature of the workout.



We’ve got a lot of eyes on us. There will be bugs in AT for sure.

The internet is not a nice place, and if we have a bug that does something silly, there’s a good chance that someone makes a youtube video about it and tries to attack AT.

There’s also internal load on our system (both on employees and the actual infrastructure). It can feel like a panic if you let in tons and tons of people and you have five mission critical bugs all come in at once.


Yes…but…we can do better and we want to do better.

Please have your engineer friends apply at www.trainerroad.com/jobs.

There will also be a plan announcement tomorrow in regards to the volume steps between low-> mid and mid->high.


:exploding_head: :heart: :+1:

Looks like this one might just get checked off :smiley: :


Right now, just the tempo part will be scaled.

But…the sprints in those are more like “spin ups” that real all out sprints. A real all out sprint would make the tempo part really hard.

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The people we added didn’t have access before.

We had a few people in the summer get access too early, then we pulled that.

If you look at my post above, there’s one more issue to go before we let more people in.


Panic? You mean it adds to the excitement. The panic is for the person who has to pay the bill to Azure when the developers spun up too many resources to handle the increase in load. You don’t want to pay for the 100 core box?

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This is so true, but it’s a good thing! It just means we have an engaged audience who wants us to do better!

And we want to do it all!

Please tell your friends to apply at www.trainerroad.com/jobs.


Maybe. Also if your survey data is correct. There will probably be one person who is in the exact middle of the bell curve with no life changes and they won’t notice any difference at all.

In our experience, everyone gets lots of changes very quickly.


Yes, we trained the model with “pee breaks”.

Just don’t stop to pee in the middle of a set that would change the nature of a workout.

If you stop to pee in an endurance/tempo workout you should be good.

I might pee 2x during Baxter and it still says it’s a pass.


Without question.
I’m not sore about the fact that TR is rolling adaptive training for cycling only.

I’m just noting that it’s pretty much a big meh for triathletes. Perhaps more importantly though, adaptive training has probably sucked up the company’s limited resources, preventing TR from implementing such long-awaited features as run training import. Again - just stating facts, aka speculation.

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Sounds like I may need to invest in the TravelJohn/TravelJane company with all the pee talk.

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It’s not that simple or standard across people. This is why we want the qualitative data to combine it with this sort of data.


When there is only one type of engineer you’re currently looking for… But ok. Guess you’ll keep it on file


Great - I do Phoenix variations regularly.

Will Tempo workouts ever be recommended in TrainNow under Endurance, if you have maxed out the Endurance Progressions for a timeframe or as a Progressive recommendation?

Fantastic. I don’t expect 100% tailored at the beginning but the idea of having a range of options suggested and then things tailored over time just sounds amazing.

Would I be wrong to assume that a future direction for TR is to sink more data into the program from other programs and devices to refine suggestions?

Love all of the work and super happy to see you and your team working hard to keep us happy.

You are correct. In a plan, you’ll be in the same workout profile so you would stick with short shorts or traditional.

In Train Now, you might swap between the two.

This is one of the things the ML team is looking at. We suspect we’ll need finer grain control between workout profiles in energy systems.

We need a bit more data coming in to find out what the appropriate approach will be. I think this will be a learned thing to the individual.

This will probably only live in the backend and not be show to the user.