Intervals and spot on target essential?

Hello All, getting to enjoy TR and just started using non erg mode on short intervals (30sec) as i noticed that in ERG it took maybe 10/15 sec to up to power target. Figured that was perhaps not such a good thing. Power above up above the target (20 watts or so target 300w) and found it hard to nail just on the ball mark. So my question is sam I okay or what should I pay attention to? thank you very much for any guidance. Tim

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Assuming you’re doing 30/30s, I just go all out for 30s and don’t worry too much about the blue lines.


Thank you, 30/20 X 6

Yeah, those look perfectly normal to me if your goal is to follow the blue lines.

Those look good to me….remember, our bodies are not very precise. Do the work and don’t worry about 100% adherence to the blue line.

You can also try and ramp up your efforts a second or two before the interval starts…then you are up to goal power (or at least closer to it) when the interval kicks in.