Intermittent fasting on rest days

I just listened to the podcast from January where they discussed intermittent fasting and the hardships it brings with endurance athletes. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past with IF because for some reason it really reduces hunger cravings. I was just curious if there was any benefits/negatives to intermittent fasting on rest days only. On days with workouts or group rides I would fuel appropriately, but I want to make sure I’m not hampering recovery. I am on a mid volume plan. Would love any insight.

Intermittent fasting works just fine for me and has never been an issue with my training. Obviously the timing of my rides is important and I do complete most rides in the evening when I’ve had my two meals for the day onboard. I personally think if you’re careful with it, intermittent fasting can work quite well for an endurance athlete.

With regard to ONLY fasting on rest days, I’m not sure I see a huge benefit assuming you’re talking only a couple of days a week. Consistency is the key with IF, just like most other things.

I really appreciate the reply. As far as I gather the only downside to IF is possibly bonking when glycogen is depleted correct? Any issues with IF raising cortisol enough to effect recovery?