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Thankyou dby2222 for steering referenced facts from sources with authority back into the conversation. Thumbs up!


The presenters looked so distracted during this podcast.

Eating mostly healthy food isn’t an eating disorder.


It’s more depressing being fat, believe me. I actually like brown rice.

It is that simple. But it sure ain’t that easy.

I don’t think Jonathan is underfueling, I believe he was just simplifying his TDEE for brevity.


This was something I considered too. Here on the forum, we may have all the time in the world to go into depth on all of these subjects, but for the hosts that are live on the podcast with plenty on their minds, doing so may be a lot harder. I also don’t think that Jonathan is necessarily under eating, and his comment about daily intake was likely just something he simplified for the sake of conversational flow.

However, some subjects are not to be glanced over for the sake of brevity. These ones, in particular, tend to really stick in peoples’ heads. Therefore, I would argue that taking an extra 30 seconds to at least note that the equation/calculation referred to is a simplification of his actual caloric intake may be beneficial.


Agreed. Many foods are literally designed to be hyper palatable by food scientists. The French cuisine is built around excessive butter. The American market in particular is bombarded with advertisements for insane portions. And if eating chicken broccoli rice everyday like a bodybuilding meme is the answer, life would be pretty depressing.

I had a bagel today in honor of this thread. It was delicious, as the food scientists intended.


I thought he was referring to a eating disorder that one of our local pros had. Obsessing over the desire to eat healthy, as a result if it wasn’t 100% healthy in his eyes, he wouldn’t eat.

Sounds likely to be Orthorexia Nervosa, proposed (as in not DSM) eating disorder which is an obsession over food purity/quality


1200 calories of rice, milk and sugar. How many grams of each in that bowl?

Well, I live in Sweden, and rice porridge is very common here. Thus, I can buy it pre-packaged in 500g portions. 500 grams of porridge is 500-550 calories depending on brand, and I use about 800 grams in a bowl. Add a large banana (120 cals), an apple (70 cals), about a serving of any cereal (130-150 cals), a nice helping of honey (100 cals), and you’re looking at 1200-1300 cals for the entire bowl. It’s a lot of food…


Bor också i Sverige :wink:

I was just wondering because it’s a lot of food for very little carbs (only 17g carbs per 100g). Whereas a normal pasta is 80-90g carbs per 100g.

So it feels like a very ineffective way of getting carbs in vs normal rice and pasta.

This one for example: ICA Handla Online - Risgrynsgröt 500g ICA

Only is 17% rice for the 500g, so 85g of rice.

It’s tasty, but there are probably better ways of getting carbs in if we are talking back for the buck of weight/carb ratio :smiley: Also low on fat, so thats good at least!

grøt gang represent :fist_right:t2:

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One serving, which is 250 grams, contains 41 grams of carbs. Thus, my 3+ servings is more than 120 grams of carbs. Add honey, banana, apple, and cereal, which are all pretty much just carbs, and I’m easily getting 200 grams of carbs in that breakfast! I also get some protein and fat, which is nice for satiety. Anyways, I’m not going to eat pasta for breakfast lmao :wink: and I can’t stand hot oatmeal or anything like it in the morning, so this does the job just fine!

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gang shit man

On the topic of race nutrition:


I think that also depends on the sugar content of the add-ons. Lots of packaged oatmeal cones with 20ish grams of sugar, so some of that is going to get absorbed and be available relatively quickly.

All this to say, I hardly think recommending instant oatmeal before a workout warrants a correction.

I’m just laughing that we’re arguing about oatmeal when someone else said they eat pizza before long hard workouts.


I did a complete training block experiment with intermittent fasting and polarized training “polarized eating & training” experiment.

A lot to unpack…

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