Interesting podcast regarding how effective different interval types are (and for what)

This podcast is just an interview of the author of a meta analysis that looked at different types of intervals & their impact…either on TT performance, MAP performance, VO2max, etc. So Burgomaster/Tabata/Billat/Stepto-Hawley/Ronnestadt/Seiler. What’s the best? (if there is a difference)

Many interesting overlaps with other parts of the Venn DIagram of training protocols.

I thought their brief discussion of MAP test protocol was interesting wrt TrainerRoad’s Ramp Test. :smiley: Or maybe just confirming.

It’s interesting to think about the conclusions of this meta analysis vs the conclusions of Seiler’s work. Seiler says 4 minutes is good, 8 minutes is better. This analysis concluded 4 minutes is best but maybe move to 6 minutes as you become conditioned. But ‘at least 4 minutes’.

Also interesting was the commentary on sprint training. 4 bouts is best & after that training effect ON VO2MAX can be comparatively negative. So, Burgomaster light? Anyhow, that might be true for VO2max adaptation but maybe not true if your goal is just sprint training. Interesting to think about, though.


Read the transcript for highlights, looking forward to a listen.