Interesting new study regarding exercise and weight loss

Just saw one of those clickbaity articles about how much exercise one should do to lose weight, but there’s a real study that is referenced. From my understanding the recommendation based on this is that people should be burning 3,000 calories/week, which they equate to about 60mins of exercise 6 days a week. Seems they recommend this due to about 1000 calories of a compensatory eating response to exercise, which is interesting. Just thinking from a cycling perspective, that would be someone riding around 150ish watts for one hour. I’ve always been a bit dubious of the bare minimum recommendation of 30mins of activity, so I think it’s good to change the narrative that people need more activity if they want to see results.

Anyway, kind of interesting to me, as someone who originally lost 70lbs back in 2013/14 over a few months because I really dove into riding my bike. Personally, I feel like weight loss doesn’t just happen in the kitchen, at least it isn’t as enjoyable. When I coupled it with cycling, i found I could still eat the foods I enjoyed (albeit a bit less) and that cycling just supplemented what would have otherwise required a greater reduction in what I was eating.

Last week I burned 7500 calories so I’m kind of a human vacuum cleaner, sometimes lol

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Took a quick look at the study - so in this context, the 7500 “calories burned” means the calorie deficit experienced over the week? I was initially confused whether I was looking at daily or weekly figures in the paper…

in my case the 7500 is just the kj from my last week of SSB1 HV, no idea if I have a deficit or not, I’m not really in weight/food watching mode! I’m only 3-4lbs above where my race weight has traditionally been, for all I know I ate 7500 calories in addition to my usual daily requirements lol

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